Blind Cleaning

Upkeeper Services inc. is now able to offer you a quick, thoroughly and professionally clean your Venetian Blinds, Mini Blinds and Vertical Blinds.

Dusting your blinds is like vacuuming your carpet eventually a carpet requires shampooing. Blinds too require periodic cleaning with soap water

Mini Blinds Cleaning

Mini Blinds $3.25 per foot horizontal (for above 8 ft) = approx. $10.00 per blind

Shutters $2.25 per foot horizontal (for above 6 ft) = approx. $6.00 per blind

Your blinds will be cleaned on site in our mobile blind cleaning unit and ,in most case, you will enjoy same day service. We remove a blind, put it through our new process and have it clean and back in your window in minutes. Ultrasonic sound waves that travel through a mild soapy solution clean the blinds as well as the cords, tapes ,and gears .This process not only makes your blinds look like new, it will extend the life.


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